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Innovations in data acquisition, compression & visualization

Lucid significantly outperforms other technologies

is our new technology on high quality image data compression. It noticeablly outperforms the latest research products of both Microsoft and Google. Read more

Rapid is our new technology on high efficiency image and video acquisition. It overwhelmingly outperforms the research products of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Rice University. Read more

is our new technology on high efficiency signal data acquisition and visualization. It may accelerate the acquisition of 1D signals (ECG, audio, radar, etc) by 4 times faster, without loss of signal quality. Read more

Besides, we designed new entropy coding methods for dramatically improving scalable video coding efficiency of both H.264 and HEVC in much lower algorithmic complexity. Read more

All our new technologies implement our own novel mathematical methods. We have proposed and built a variety of new mathematical theories, methods and transforms, including system compression theory, new approach to time-frequency analysis, real-valued discrete Fourier transform (RDFT), lifting Hadamard transform and so on. Read more   

New innovation changes tradition